Teenage first aiders help to save lives at Seaford car accident scene

Kayleigh Matthews and her boyfriend Matthew Templeman have been commended for their initiative after they used skills learnt on a first aid training course to tend to a couple at the scene of a car accident caused by poor weather conditions.

The two teens, who are both age 17, came across the scene on the A259 coast road in Seahaven just before Christmas. They were on their way to do some Christmas shopping when they noticed a car lying on its roof, with two shell-shocked passengers emerging from it.

Using first aid training they had recently undertaken, Kayleigh and Matthew were able to treat the couple for shock and ensure they were comfortable while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Matthew describes what happened:

“Other people stopped but just stood around not knowing what to do.
Someone in the visitor centre wanted to give them hot drinks but we knew that wasn’t a good idea for people in shock.
We wrapped them in space blankets to keep them warm and kept them calm, assuring them they were in safe hands until the ambulance arrived.”


The pair were commended for their actions by Sussex St Johns Ambulance’s Paul Roots (County Commissioner for Operations), who said:

“I’m extremely proud of these young volunteers for putting their first aid training into practice and acting calmly, quickly and effectively in a difficult and stressful situation.”