Teenager saves a life with first aid skills after party collapse

A 16-year-old college student from Hampshire has been hailed as a bit of a hero in the local area after he used his first aid training to save the life of fellow party-goer.

George Johns, who is currently a student at South Downs College, used the skills he learned on a recent first aid training course to come to the assistance of a teenager who collapsed at a party he was attending.

The victim had apparently slipped into semi-consciousness, and upon hearing that the youngster was diabetic, George took out and used a diabetes testing kit that he kept in his bag. He found that the victim had a dangerously low blood sugar level. George described what happened next:

“He had supplements in his bag and needed to eat one, but because he was drunk he didn’t really respond and didn’t want to take them. It was really difficult.
“We tried everything, even making up some sugar water and helping him to drink it, but that didn’t seem to work either.”


After trying and failing to get the victim to take his supplement, George decided to put the teen into the recovery position and call the emergency services. He later made a full recovery and even took to Facebook to thank George for his actions, which potentially saved the diabetic youngster’s life.