First Aid: What would you do? (Test your first aid knowledge!)

You may think that common sense will always prevail in the event of an accident or illness, but first aid relies on much more than logic. First aid training provides people with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for quick-thinking and decisive action. The training also dispels some old myths that can do more harm than good.

So, what would you do in the following situations? The answers will follow in the next article.

1. You come across a colleague who has collapsed. Fellow colleagues have rolled him onto his back while they wait for emergency services to arrive.

2. A colleague has injured themselves, and is bleeding profusely from a wound on the upper arm.

3. One of your colleagues suddenly has a nose bleed.

4. You are eating in the office canteen when a member of staff starts to choke.

5. A colleague has been burned at work and is in pain. For some of you, the correct procedure in the above situations may seem obvious, but some of you may be surprised, particularly if some of the most common old wives’ tales are lingering in your mind!