The benefits of basic health and safety training for work experience candidates

If you are starting a work experience placement, it is extremely important for your progress to grasp the basics of health and safety in your new workplace. This is where basic health and safety training courses are useful, as they offer an easy-to-digest overview of the main points you need to know.

Will I gain a qualification?

The qualification you will come out with is a CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health) Level 1 award in Health and Safety, an award approved by the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA). This certificate is very simple to acquire; you simply need to take a half-day (three hour) course then complete a multiple-choice exam.

In terms of what is covered on this kind of course, you can expect to be looking at:

  • Why health and safety in the workplace is so important
  • Risks and hazards
  • Workplace conditions and procedures

Who else can benefit from a CIEH Level 1 Health and Safety award?

As well as forming part of work experience programmes, the opportunity to take the Level 1 Health and Safety course can also be offered to those starting a new job or entering a new kind of workplace, one that they are not familiar with. In fact, it can be an essential part of an induction programme.