The danger of moving machinery parts

Injuries caused by moving machinery parts can be devastating and life-changing for those who have accidents. They can also cost employers very dearly, especially if they are found to have failed to implement safety measures to prevent such incidents.
A fencing company has found this out to their cost, despite having received advice and warnings in the past about their safety measures in place on machines.
A worker was attempting to mend a wire break on a wire drawing machine, with his arm through a rotating block, when the machine started to move. The accident resulted in horrific injuries, with the worker suffering a dislocated elbow, compound fractures and the removal of skin. He has had to undergo skin grafts and the fitting of metal plates to his forearm.
The HSE’s investigation found that the company in question had previously been prosecuted for an incident in 2002, and had received HSE enforcement notices in 2003 and 2005 regarding machinery guarding. They had also received several letters providing advice on the matter.
Their failure to respond to these incidents and requests has now cost them dearly and has changed their employee’s life for the worse. The company was ordered to pay £12,000 in fines and nearly £4,000 in costs.