The essential fire safety facts your employees need to know

All workplaces need to have the right measures in place so that all everyone on the premises will be kept safe if a fire should break out. The responsibility for fire safety falls on the shoulders of employers, and a key part of this is education employees on the essential things they need to know in the event of a fire.

Ideally, you should send all of your workers on a fire safety training course, or at least a handful of employees who will act as the workplace fire marshals. Every workplace needs at least one responsible who has taken fire marshal training.

In addition to this, it is crucial that you ensure your employees know:

  • Where the fire exits are
  • What to do when the fire alarm goes off
  • How to set the fire alarm off if necessary
  • Which escape routes to use in case of fire
  • Where to assemble once clear of the building

The best way to make sure that each and every employee knows these crucial fire safety facts, you should have regular fire drills, in which you simulate a fire emergency and practice exiting the building quickly and safely.