The food hygiene rating scheme – what your business needs to do to score full marks

A large number of food-serving businesses in the UK are a part of the food hygiene rating scheme, and more are receiving their certificates and a rating (from 0 to 5) every day. By awarding and publicly displaying food hygiene ratings, the scheme aims to keep standards high within food businesses and give customers more information about the places they shop and eat.

If your food business wants to score highly in your local food hygiene rating scheme, you will need to provide evidence or proof of the following:

  1. A good food safety management system – this encompasses systems that are put in place to ensure that food is being prepared, cooked and stored in a safe and hygienic way
  2. Adequate food hygiene training amongst your staff members – all workers need at least basic food safety training
  3. A clear system and structure for maintaining and cleaning premises – this encompasses waste management and pest control as well as regular cleaning
  4. Good standards of food hygiene and safety – this means managing cross-contamination risks, maintaining hygienic habits and practices, adhering to temperature control recommendations and keeping equipment in a sound and clean condition