The importance of fire risk assessments

Fire poses a significant risk to companies all over the UK. Every year, properties are severely damaged, lives threatened, and the survival of businesses is compromised when fire breaks out.

A fire that broke out in a Lancashire business park before Christmas illustrates just how disruptive a large fire can be. Several warehouses were burned to the ground, local roads were closed, residents evacuated and even train travel was affected. Extensive fire fighting resources were needed just to get the blaze under control.

Although there was no loss of life in this incident, the cost will be enormous. And yet many fires could be prevented with the correct implementation of fire health and safety measures, following a thorough fire risk assessment.

It is paramount for any company to ensure that it takes the correct measures and provides adequate fire health and safety training for its employees.

Making sure that certain people know how to identify risks and manage them is essential if the risk of fire is to be minimised.

Fire is a threat to life and limb, but can also cause enough damage and disruption to make it very difficult for a company to survive.