The legal risks of failing to offer food safety training

The current health and safety regulations that apply to food and service industries are such that it is very easy for complaints to be brought forward and for businesses to find themselves defending a case against them. One of the most important foundations of any defence in food safety or hygiene case is that all members of staff involved in the case have been trained to the right standard.

Too many service industry businesses fail to actually put their members of staff through the sort of training that endows them not only with the practical skills they need to do their jobs but also with formal qualifications that indicate that the business has been responsible for sourcing food safety courses of the proper standard for the members of the team that require them.

When cases are brought against a company, one of the first things investigators will look at is the level of training available to the workforce. If there is no formal training in place then this is likely to count against the employer because it highlights an area where they could have acted more responsibly to prevent the case from coming about in the first place. This often undercuts points in the defence.