Thomas Cook to pay compensation for case of salmonella in Turkey

A couple who both contracted food poisoning during an all-inclusive holiday in Turkey have accepted a five-figure settlement from holiday company Thomas Cook. The couple both began to display the symptoms of food poisoning a few days before they were due to fly home, but a representative of the holiday company apparently warned them that seeing a doctor on-site would result in hefty fees.
But, by the time the couple reached the UK, one of them was passing blood and was later diagnosed with salmonella. Although the man recovered from the food poisoning after a couple of weeks, it has left him with long-lasting problems. He had developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome and still suffers from diarrhoea and stomach cramps, meaning he has had to dramatically restrict his diet.
Food poisoning has the potential to cause long-term health problems as well as serious short-term symptoms, and any establishment preparing or serving food must respect the principles of food safety. Employees should receive food safety training in order to minimise the risks of contamination and to promote good hygiene practices in the kitchen.