Threat of custodial sentence for Stroud butcher

When inspectors visited Halal butchers in Stroud, they discovered such a long list of food safety breaches that the owner has been threatened with a custodial sentence in the vent of future breaches being identified.

Employees without food safety training were found to be handling raw and cooked meat without washing their hands first, creating a high risk of cross-contamination and food poisoning. They also appeared to be using window cleaner instead of a disinfectant… These raw and cooked meats were then being stored in close proximity, and the presence of flies on the foods did little to reassure officers.

Other ‘livestock’ included a family of cockroaches and a nymph, and the man was prosecuted for a total of thirteen failures to comply with food hygiene regulations. He has been fined seven hundred pounds and ordered to pay five hundred pounds in court costs.

The bench chairman has warned the owner of the butchers that any future breaches of food hygiene regulations will result in a prison sentence. Conditions of this kind simply place public health at great risk and could have devastating consequences.