Three Nottingham takeaways receive zero food hygiene ratings

Following a recent round of inspections undertaken by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), three takeaways in Nottingham have received food hygiene ratings of zero out of five. This zero-star rating means that urgent improvements are needed before the business can continue serving food to the public.

The takeaways, two of which are on Nottingham Road and one of which is on Leslie Road in Nottingham, were inspected by FSA officers in January and February 2013. A series of worrying problems were uncovered, including:

  • Salad items not being washed in good quality water – meaning they could be contaminated by food poisoning bacteria and soil
  • Cooked poultry left in a warm kitchen for hours
  • Staff members who hadn’t undergone any basic food hygiene training and who hadn’t been supervised or instructed in how to prepare food safely
  • Poor cleanliness levels
  • Lack of effective food safety management systems
  • Poor record-keeping
  • Structural problems
  • Inadequate food storage

Overall in Nottingham, an impressive 96 per cent of food businesses have a food hygiene rating of three or above. Any businesses that are found to be below the acceptable standard, including the three zero-star takeaways, will now have to make urgent improvements.