How your training can help you outside of work

One of the most beneficial reasons to undertake professional workplace training is the way in which it can develop you as a person, as well as an employee. Training can help you to improve in your current role, as well as in your future career, but it can also help you outside of work.
First aid training, fire safety training and health and safety training can help you in a number of ways. These three types of training, in particular, can help you to assess risks, respond to emergencies, and ultimately be prepared for a number of dangerous situations.
Your new skills, knowledge and confidence can be applied to virtually any workplace or environment you enter, as well as your home and public places. You can help to protect the people around you from risks and potentially even save a life, just by participating in a few hours of training.
With the aforementioned types of training qualification listed on your CV, future employers may also see you more as an asset to their businesses than other applicants. With your ability to contribute to a safe working ethos, you quite simply have more to offer.