What training do events volunteers need?

The type of training events volunteers need depends largely on the nature of the event, as well as the duties the volunteer will be undertaking. However, there are a few basic types of training that volunteers at all kinds of events can benefit from.

These are:

  • First aid training. The skills and knowledge you gain from going on a first aid training course can be used in a wide range of everyday situations. They can be especially useful during events attended by members of the public. If a medical emergency happens and you are the only one around, you will need to have first aid skills to handle it and potentially save a life.
  • Health and safety training. It is a good idea for all event volunteers to have a knowledge of key health and safety issues. A basic health and safety training course can help volunteers to spot hazards and risks and take steps to remove them before anyone gets hurt.
  • Fire safety training. Not all volunteers need this training, but it is crucial for the event’s dedicated team of fire marshals to take a fire safety awareness training course.