What training do you need as a food business owner?

As the owner of a food business, it is very important that you understand what is going on at every level in your business. It is also up to you to set an example to your employees, and to ensure that the highest standards are maintained at all times.
However, unless you have undergone at least a basic level of food safety training, or have a trusted advisor who has, you will not fully comprehend your responsibilities as a business owner in relation to food safety.
A basic food safety course will give you a good grounding in such matters, but you should also consider taking more advanced food hygiene training courses. In fact, most food business owners take the CIEH Level 4 Award in Food Safety, a training course which will provide you with in-depth knowledge about everything from pest control and personal hygiene to training strategies, relevant legislation and even bacteriology.
With this knowledge at your disposal, there is virtually no chance that your food business will be prosecuted or fined for breaking food safety regulations, nor will you be endangering any of your customers. It is your responsibility to ensure that high standards are maintained in your business, and ignorance is no excuse.