Twelve fire safety breaches results in £11,000 fine

A Chinese takeaway restaurant in the town of Thatcham has been prosecuted following a health and safety inspection that revealed no less than twelve breaches of fire safety regulations. The Chinese takeaway was found to be putting the lives of both its customers and members of staff at risk, especially as it also provided sleeping accommodation for employees.

The problems discovered included:

  • Inadequate provision for fire escape routes
  • Inadequate fire alarm system
  • Inadequate fire safety precautions
  • Fire escapes obstructed by combustible materials
  • Inadequate fire safety training for members of staff (including evacuation procedures)
  • No fire risk assessment
  • No maintenance of fire safety equipment

It is hoped that the subsequent prosecution of the restaurant owner will send a strong message to other businesses, and remind them that fire safety regulations are not optional.

Make sure that your business complies with regulations and that your employees have received adequate fire safety training. A fire can have devastating consequences for individuals and businesses; risks have to be identified, managed and minimised and training can help to ensure that this is done effectively.