UK care homes found to be routinely breaching fire regulations

A number of care homes in the UK have been found to be routinely breaching fire safety regulations and putting their residents at risk, according to a report in the Guardian.
Following a freedom of information request, it was revealed that as many as 135 care homes in the UK have been identified as fire hazards by inspectors from the fire service. In total, as many as 4,700 elderly and disabled people were found to be in danger by residing in these unsafe care homes.
There was a wide range of hazards uncovered during the inspections, including:
– Faulty smoke detectors and inadequate fire alarms
– Damaged and potentially dangerous equipment
– Staff who had not undergone the proper training on fire safety in care homes
– Blocked escape routes
A spokesperson from the Alzheimer’s Society commented on the findings, saying:

“In the event of an emergency, older people, especially those with dementia, will need more time to understand what is happening around them and negotiate fire exits,”
“Urgent action needs to be taken to protect people from the serious and tragic consequences that could occur in the event of a fire.”

Each of the care homes branded as being a fire risk had been issued with a fire safety enforcement notice, and it is hoped that the right changes have now been made to improve safety and protect residents from harm.