Revealed: UK’s Most Disgusting Fast Food Chains

“Would you like flies with that?”

It’s not something that you might hear often when visiting your local fast-food chain but TutorCare might give you some food for thought by revealing a list of poor-performing fast-food chains with a few facts on what could be your local takeaway haunt.

The information was collected using data from the FSA (the UK Government’s Food Standards Agency) and contacting the relevant local authority for more information on low-scoring restaurants using the Freedom of Information Act. Out of all the councils we had contacted only 2 refused to provide information. But there were some revealing facts reported:

  • Mouse Droppings were found in a local Domino’s Pizza in London
  • Potentially Out of Date Food stored for a Chicken Cottage in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
  • Cleanliness Issues were reported at Papa John’s in Maidenhead, Berkshire

Read more about the report on the UK’s Most Disgusting Food Chains:

Disgusting Fast Food Chains