How to wash your fruit and veg

Most people probably wash their fruit and veg by sticking them under the cold tap and giving them a quick rub. Some people even believe that a little bit of soil can’t do any harm and don’t wash their veg at all.

Unfortunately, this is not the right way to reduce the likelihood of food poisoning. Food safety training can provide the knowledge and skills needed to prevent food poisoning and contamination, but here is a quick overview of how to wash your fruit and vegetables properly:

  • Don’t hold them under the tap, as you are likely to spread any bacteria onto other kitchen surfaces as the water splashes.
  • Most harmful bacteria will be found in any soil stuck to the surface of the food. You can dry brush the vegetables to make washing easier.
  • Fill a bowl with fresh, clean water. Start by washing the fruit or vegetables that have the least amount of dirt or soil stuck to them and work through to the dirtiest.
  • Give everything a final rinse before using or eating the food. Cooking and peeling can also remove potentially harmful bacteria from the surface.
  • And finally, also make sure that you wash your hands before and after handling raw fruit and vegetables, as well as any utensils used.