The Welsh Government set to introduce new food hygiene rating system

A new mandatory food hygiene rating system could soon be put into place by the Welsh Government in response to recent serious outbreaks of food poisoning.
In 2005, more than one hundred and fifty people in Cardiff were affected by an outbreak of E. Coli, while just two years ago in 2009, four people from Wrexham were hospitalised. Food poisoning outbreaks can have serious repercussions for the communities involved: people can become seriously ill and even die, while the reputation of the community can also suffer greatly from the resulting bad publicity.
This proposed change to the law would see all outlets supplying food obliged to display their food hygiene rating. The scores would be awarded following inspection of certain criteria, including food preparation, handling, and storage and cooking.
Up to 30,000 businesses, including supermarkets and restaurants, would be affected by the new law, and any business failing to display their score could be liable for a fine of £1,000. Scores will also be made available online to the general public.
This announcement and scheme will not only raise awareness of the problem and its causes, but should also encourage businesses to raise their standards and invest in food safety training.