Welsh language DVD on food safety aimed at butchers

The Food Standards Agency has produced a Welsh-language DVD aimed at butchers, to help them to improve food hygiene standards in their businesses.

The DVD follows the earlier release of an English language version and has the same aim of raising awareness and leading to an improvement in standards.

This guide is to be used as a tool to help prevent further outbreaks of food poisoning in Wales, particularly following the outbreak of E. coli in 2005.

It features butchers who explain how they have put simple measures into place in order to protect the health of their customers as well as the longevity of their own businesses. The idea is to demonstrate that procedures can easily be developed and implemented as well as documented.

Food safety training is another option that butchers may like to explore. Food safety courses also cover the risks involved in food preparation, as well as equipping employees with the skills and understanding needed to put effective procedures into place.

One aspect that often suffers is that of maintaining adequate documentation that demonstrates that the procedures put into place are effective and that they are maintained and evaluated regularly. A training course can help provide the theoretical and practical knowledge that can make this task much easier.