Welsh teen uses first aid skills to help injured friend

A teenager from the Welsh village of Maesycwmmer has been hailed a hero after he used his first aid training to help his injured friend following an accident.

Jordan Ellis had attended a first aid training course prior to the 2009 incident, and he was able to use the skills he learned in this course to assist his friend Joseph Shutt when he partially severed a knee tendon playing tag.

The 15-year-old uses his top to bandage the cut, putting pressure on the injury until the ambulance arrived.

Even though this incident happened around two years ago, Jordan is once more in the spotlight as he is currently supporting a national campaign for first aid training. The teen, along with the friend he was able to help, is urging others to learn everyday first aid skills in order to be able to help colleagues, friends, family members and even complete strangers in emergency situations.

Thousands of lives could be saved every year if more people undergo first aid training, as so many people die because no one is around who is able to provide basic life support.