Were your first aiders prepared for the cold weather?

The cold snap that has descended on the UK this February brings with it challenges and difficulties that we are familiar with: disruptions to travel, the risk of hypothermia and the increased risk of injury.
It is always important to have a confident and qualified first aider in the workplace, whatever the weather, but this is particularly true when climatic conditions can make life difficult. First aid training to cover first aid at work equips employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively deal with injury or illness at work:
• First aid priorities: how to identify which injuries or illnesses need immediate attention.
• How to manage incidents correctly and efficiently.
• How to carry out an examination of a patient in order to establish the action that needs to be taken.
• Managing fractures is a particularly important skill when the cold weather renders surfaces slippery and hazardous.
Protecting the health and safety of employees while they are at work is essential if potential consequences are to be minimised. Prompt treatment and action can also reduce the likelihood of lengthy absence from work, thus reducing the impact on the business, too.