West Somerset landlords take part in fire safety workshops

Landlords in West Somerset are learning more about fire safety as part of new schemes run by the local fire service.

With the aim of improving landlords fire safety knowledge and making rental properties safer for tenants, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service launched a series of training workshops. This was so successful that another scheme, called Firemark, has now been started. This will be run by West Somerset Community Safety Team, with Watch Manager Andy Troak at the helm.

Watch Manager for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, Chris Jones, has said that the workshops, which involved giving landlords some basic fire safety training, were such a hit that local estate agents started calling to ask how they could get involved. The service is now handing out booklets and pamphlets on fire safety to local landlords and estate agents. Mr Jones said:

“In Devon and Somerset, private rented accommodation may be as much as seven times more likely to be involved in a domestic fire, compared to that of owner occupied properties,
“It’s essential that landlords and businesses, take such a proactive interest in the safety of their clients and tenants.”