What can happen if you don’t train food business staff in food hygiene?

There is a very good reason why food businesses are legally required to train their staff members in all areas of food safety and hygiene. In fact, there are many different reasons. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should take food hygiene seriously:

Food poisoning and ill health

As a food business, you must be thinking of the health and safety of your customers before anything else. If you neglect food hygiene standards and practices, your customers could get food poisoning. The outcome could even be fatal.

Poor reputation

As a result of failing food safety checks and of customers developing food poisoning, your business could develop a very bad reputation, especially in the local area. This can lead to customers deserting your business in droves, meaning that you lose money and may even have to close down.

Fines from the authorities

The authorities, particularly your local council’s environmental health team, take food hygiene very seriously. Visits from inspectors could happen at any time, and if you fail, you could be served with Improvement Notices and eventually even fines.

Shut down

If food hygiene standards are bad enough at your premises, the authorities could even take the serious step of shutting you down.