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In every place of work, the employer has a responsibility to ensure that there are adequate first aid facilities in the event of an accident or illness. Even a low-risk business needing only basic provisions should at least keep a well-stocked first aid kit.

But what exactly should you put in your first aid kit?


The Health and Safety Executive does not provide a list of mandatory contents, leaving the decision up to the employer. This means that the employer has to undertake an assessment of first-aid needs in order to establish the type of products that may be needed in the future. For those with no previous experience, conducting this type of assessment may seem difficult; if this is the case, then first aid training may be a good idea, even if your business only requires an appointed person rather than a qualified first aider.

First Aid box

A minimum stock may include an assortment of plasters, sterile bandages, eye pads, and wound dressings of various sizes. Make sure you include safety pins to enable secure wound dressing, as well as sterile gloves. It is important to check the contents on a regular basis to ensure that stocks are replenished and use-by dates respected.

Looking for First Aid training? Check out our popular courses below…

Looking for First Aid training? Check out our popular courses below…

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