When were your workplace fire alarms last tested?

Fire alarms and smoke detectors in workplaces must be tested on a regular basis, to make sure that they’re working and importantly, that they will work if a fire breaks out. If you’ve been an employee, manager or even the owner of a company for a long time and you have never heard the fire alarm sound, it might be time for a test to be carried out.
Testing during fire drills
A good way to test the fire alarm system is to carry out a fire drill. This involves setting the fire alarm off and evacuating the building, with all occupants being led and guided by a designated person who has undergone fire marshal training. Everyone will assemble outside, and the business can assess how quick the evacuation was and whether further measures to improve fire escape routes or other measures are needed.
However, a fire drill may only take place once a year or every few months. Your workplace fire alarms should be tested more frequently. Many companies have a designated day of the week or month, recurring every week or month, when fire alarms are tested. This allows staff to be prepared for the sudden noise, and the alarm system to be properly tested without disrupting everyone.