Which? study raises concerns over care home standards

A study conducted by the consumer rights group Which? has uncovered some worrying practices in care homes throughout England, prompting concerns that high quality care training may not be a top priority for some facilities.
As part of the investigation, Which? sent in undercover actors to pose as residents in four randomly selected care homes in various locations in England. One of these homes was rated as poor, two satisfactory and one as good by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The actors reported back relatively serious problems with food, residents’ activity levels and health and safety.

In one extreme example included in the report, a member of staff repeatedly pushed a resident back down into their seat when they tried to stand up. This occurrence was reported to the (CQC), which took immediate and appropriate action against the home by suspending admissions.

The results of the investigation were analysed by a care inspector, dietician and activity expert. It was concluded that two of the care homes were serving inadequate and unappetising food to residents, and also that there was a worrying lack of activity for residents within all four homes. Health and safety concerns included a blocked fire escape, exposed electrical wires and dirty, damp facilities.

The chair of the CQC, Dame Jo Williams, said:

“The evidence Which? shared with us describes care that falls below what people using social care services have a right to expect,”