Why a food hygiene qualification is essential for anyone starting a food business

When you start a food business, such as a café, catering company or a restaurant, for example, you are not legally required to undergo a formal food hygiene training course.

However, you are required to meet all food safety regulations, and to ensure that anyone who works for you has all the relevant training they need. With this in mind, it could be a very good idea indeed for you and your colleagues/employees to attend a food hygiene awareness training course and get proper qualifications.

Food hygiene training is essential for a number of reasons – firstly, because it teaches you and your workers how to handle and store food safely, as well as helping you to put a sound food safety management system in place. This can help to prevent food poisoning, which could be disastrous for the reputation of your fledgling business. It will also help you to pass all official food hygiene inspections with flying colours, the results of which you can proudly display to all of your customers.

So, if you’re starting a food business, make sure you get food hygiene right from the very start.