Why first aid is more than just a tick-box exercise for employers

Sadly, some business owners and managers see first aid as an obligation or a burden. They send one employee off on a first aid training course, make them the designated first aider, and consider their duty done in the eyes of the law.

But what if the ‘responsible person’ is off ill or on holiday? What happens if a large-scale emergency happens (i.e. a fire) and your designated first aider simply can’t cope? These situations could lead to serious injuries or maybe even fatalities, meaning that you will have failed in your duty to protect your employees from harm.

You can’t predict when an emergency will happen, or even how many people will be affected. What you can do is ensure that your business is prepared, by sending a number, if not all, of your employees on at least a basic first aid training course.

Alongside fire awareness and health and safety at work training, first aid courses can give your employees the knowledge and skills they need to protect each other in work, as well as outside of work.

By making health and safety part of your company’s ethos, you can protect employees, adhere to the law and ultimately protect your business.