Why it’s so important to involve employees in health and safety policy

All workplaces need a robust set of health and safety policies in place to protect workers and visitors from harm. Without a proper system, your business could be left open to expensive lawsuits and compensation claims as well as putting your staff members at risk.
One thing that many bosses forget when putting their health and safety policies in place is to actually involve their workers. You may not realise it, but your team can help you to spot risks, hazards and policy flaws that you may have missed. They also need to be kept informed of changes to policy.
Most importantly, you need to give your workforce the information, skills and training they need to work safely. Proper health and safety training and a good dose of common sense can contribute to a safe and accident-free workplace more than you know, especially when it comes to hazard and accident reporting and reducing slips, trips and falls. Training also helps employees to look out for each other as well as themselves, creating a great culture of safe working within your business.