Why train online?

TutorCare now offers online health and safety training and health and social care training, with more courses in compliance to be made available in the future.

Training online offers certain advantages that are difficult to ignore:

  • Flexibility. Students can enrol at any time of the year, and complete their training at a time that suits them. This means that studies can easily be fitted around home and work responsibilities.
  • Personalised training. Online training allows students and employers to track progress at any time, as well as to choose the teaching methods they find most effective. The learning process can be undertaken at a pace that suits the individual.
  • Cost. Online learning can be provided at a lower cost than face to face training, making it a more affordable option. With twenty four hour access to learning materials, the learners are able to study at a time that is convenient for the business. Face to face training provides excellent results, but also requires staff to be relieved of other duties while they attend the course.

Distance learning provides a different training experience and cost-effective solution for employers.