Is your workplace due for a health and safety inspection?

As a business that has employees or that comes into contact with members of the public, it is very important to ensure that all your health and safety, and fire safety, measures are up to date.
You can conduct a full risk assessment, arrange for your staff to undergo health and safety training and implement all recommended safety measures but if you don’t review everything regularly you may be in violation of the law. More importantly, you may be risking lives.
This is why you need to revisit your company’s health and safety and fire safety policies regularly, especially in the following circumstances:
If anything in your workplace changes, such as improvement work or renovation, or even staff moving rooms
When new employees start you need to ensure they receive the same level of health and safety training as everyone else
If there is an incident, i.e. a fire, or an employee sustaining an injury from a trip, fall or anything other preventable cause
It is your responsibility as a business owner to adhere to health and safety regulations and protect your employees whilst they are at work. It isn’t difficult to arrange health and safety inspections, risk assessments or training you simply need to find a specialist company who will ensure everything is up to the standard it should be.