Would your business survive a fire?

If you have invested your money, time, energy and passion in the creation and survival of your business, then surely you would do anything to avoid seeing it go up in flames?

Imagine, just for a moment, what would happen if a fire started in your business premises; would it survive?

It’s not just a question of losing objects: desks and computers and equipment can be replaced eventually. But fire can wipe out everything that allows your business to be operational, which means that it will remain paralysed until you can replace what has been lost.

It is essential to protect your data from the threat of loss, too. If you are not backing up your data and storing that data offsite, you are exposing your company to the risk of collapse should anything happen to your servers or PCs.

It hardly bears thinking about, although you have to do just this if you are to manage the risks your business is inevitably exposed too. Fire risk assessments and fire safety training are absolutely essential to the survival of any business. Fire can annihilate everything; you only need to think about the fire at the Falmouth Hotel and Sheffield Ski Village this week to see that. Make you do all you can to protect your business and employees from the same fate.