Wound assessment training for healthcare workers: find out more

In the same way that basic first aid skills are important in a number of situations, the skills to assess and treat a wound will always be useful. This is especially the case for healthcare workers, who may have to deal with wounds on an everyday basis.

So, what do you need to know about wound assessment? Equally as importantly, where can you find the support and guidance you need to improve your skills in this area?

A wound assessment training course, normally lasting just a couple of hours can help you to further your knowledge and develop your skills and become better at your job. These care training courses generally cover topics such as:

– Skin functions
– Skin integrity
– Wound assessment in general
– The causes of pressure ulcers and the different stages of ulcers
– How to treat certain kinds of wounds
– The healing process (how skin heals itself and how healing can be aided)
– Deep tissue injuries
– Risk factors

There are many different kinds of care training courses you can take, helping to improve your all-round skills and knowledge or even to specialise in a particular area.