X Factor house fails fire safety checks

According to the Daily Mirror, the Hertfordshire mansion which currently houses the remaining X-Factor contestants has failed fire safety checks.

Inspectors visiting the £4,000-a-week Hertford Heath home found a number of fire safety problems, some caused by the messy behaviour of the inhabitants. However, other issues, such as a lack of emergency exit signs, suggest the owners of the house may need a little fire safety awareness training to ensure conditions are up to standard.

Commenting on the situation, a source told the Daily Mirror:

“The place is a total tip, with all the fire escapes cluttered up and a lack of proper signs indicating proper exits.
“Unlike previous years, the house is designated a commercial property, not just residential – so these rules apply.”

There is now a last-minute scramble on the part of X Factor bosses to make the necessary improvements to the house, which boasts a pool, sauna and Jacuzzi, before inspectors visit again. If the house is still not adhering to fire safety regulations, it could be closed and the contestants will have to move out. This could cause great upheaval to the show, and to the contestants’ performances at the weekend.