Investigation launched into Suffolk machine accident

An investigation is to be launched by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) into an incident at a factory in Little Wratting, Suffolk, in which a man suffered head injuries.
The injured man, who has not been named but was believed to be in his forties, was working at pork products factory Vion Food at the time of the incident. He sustained his injuries after becoming trapped in a piece of machinery, and was taken immediately to a nearby hospital.
The HSE’s investigators are now aiming to find out what exactly caused the accident, and whether or not it could have been prevented by more stringent health and safety precautions. It may be that the machine was faulty, or the man may not have been provided with the correct health and safety training in order to undertake the task.
Not much information has so far been released about the injured man’s condition or the status of the investigation, but a spokesperson for Vion, group communications controller Robert Smith, released a short statement saying:

“As is standing operating procedure for such incidents, an investigation is already underway.”