3 reasons to take moving and handling of people training – The Training Hub

If you work in a hospital, care home, children’s home or any other care environment, it is very important that you know how to properly and safely move and handle people, just in case you ever need to.

The best way to learn the techniques involved in safe moving and handling of people and get all the information you need is to take a care training course. Here are three reasons why it is imperative that you take a moving and handling training course:

Group of elderly people performing an activity
  1. An ill or disabled person could be really hurt if you don’t know how to move them safely. Even a slight bump to a limb can cause injury and infection, and falls could even be fatal.
  2. You could get hurt unless you have the proper training. Without the right knowledge and training, you could be injured trying to move a patient or restrain someone who is displaying violent behaviour.
  3. Unless you know how to move people safely, you could face legal action. If a patient or a member of their family feels that you have behaved unsafely, negligently or incorrectly during moving or handling processes and you haven’t undergone training, you and your employers could face a lawsuit and maybe even prosecution.

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