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If you are planning a career in the food industry or you are looking to progress in your current food-related job, it is important that you get exactly the right food safety training. Without knowledge of food hygiene standards and the experience of complying with them, it is virtually impossible to progress in any food-related career.

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There are varying levels of food safety training, from basic courses to advanced training for supervisors and managers. All have the same key principles in common:

  1. Government legislation relating to food safety and hygiene
  2. Food hygiene and safety hazards – how to identify and prevent them
  3. Food handling
  4. Safe food storage
  5. Temperature control
  6. Refrigeration and chilling
  7. Cooking and re-heating
  8. Food premises and equipment and the importance of exceptional hygiene standards in these areas

Basic knowledge and understanding of these 8 key areas will serve you well in all food-related jobs, but it is important to also undergo sector-specific food hygiene training. This will prepare you for the particular challenges you may face working in the industry of your choice.

Any more advanced food safety training your choose to undergo afterwards will only be to your advantage, but it is important to get the basics right first.

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