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If you are considering a career in social care, or you want to advance in an existing career with the help of care training, you need to be aware of the Common Induction Standards.

The Common Induction Standards (CIS) are incredibly important; they are the principles by which the sector operates and all care training courses must abide by. Launched by the employer-led independent charity and organisation Skills for Care, the CIS have been updated recently

The CEO of Skills for Care, Andrea Rowe, explains why:

“The Common Induction Standards have proved to be incredibly popular with employers and employees but the new standards are designed to be fit for purpose reflecting the very latest policy and practice as our sector continues to evolve,”

“We know how vital good induction is to making sure people have the right start in their adult social care careers and we are confident the refreshed Common Induction Standards will support employers who are committed to developing the skills and knowledge of their staff from day one.”

In brief, the updated CIS encompass the following standards:

  1. Role of the health and social care worker
  2. Personal development
  3. Effective communication
  4. Inclusion and equality
  5. Principles for implementing duty of care
  6. Principles of safeguarding in health and social care
  7. Person-centred support
  8. Health and safety in an adult social care setting

Looking for another course? Check out other training from this range.

Looking for another course? Check out other training from this range.

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