Chinese restaurant in Scotland fined for food safety breaches

The owners of a Chinese restaurant in Stockbridge, Edinburgh, have been fined over £1,000 after breaching numerous food hygiene laws.

The restaurant, called The Green Kitchen, had its kitchens shut down three times in the past due to hygiene failures. These included:

  • Raw meat stored next to cooked food and salad items
  • Herbs which had obviously been nibbled by rodents
  • A build-up of dirt and rodent droppings in certain areas of the kitchen

After making improvements, the restaurant was re-opened. However, on their latest visit, food safety inspectors uncovered further problems such as dirty equipment left next to cooked food, and food stored below a chemical dispenser.

Owner Chang Yun Wang, as well as being in obvious need of food hygiene training, was also fined a total of £1,185 over the breaches. Commenting on the case, Councillor Robert Aldridge said:

“This case should stand as a clear warning to food businesses that we will not hesitate to take legal action in order to safeguard the health of consumers. Residents and visitors to Edinburgh are entitled to the highest standards of food hygiene when they dine out, and it is thanks to the vigilance and hard work of our environmental health officers that these types of cases can be brought to court.”