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If you have ever frozen when the office fire alarm sounds, or worse still, ignored it, it may be time that you went on a fire safety awareness training course.

Every workplace has a designated ‘responsible person’ for fire safety. After undergoing a fire marshalling training course, this person’s duties will include checking all fire fighting and fire detection equipment, keeping emergency exits clear, testing fire alarms, running fire drills, and implementing a safe and efficient evacuation procedure.

A fire alarm

Even with this person in charge of fire safety, it is still very important for all other staff members to have at least a basic understanding of fire safety principles. You need to know how to react when the fire alarm sounds, where to go and which route to take, as well as people working near you who may need extra help to evacuate.

Every second counts during an emergency situation and even a few moments’ hesitation or confusion could cost lives. This is why it is important to undertake basic fire safety awareness training, a course that teaches you vital points about fire safety that can help you in other parts of your life as well as at work.

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