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One of the most important parts of first aid in the workplace is record-keeping. In fact, it can be just as crucial as sending staff members on a first aid training course or ensuring that first aid kits are fully stocked.

This is because proper record-keeping allows a business or organisation to manage health and safety risks in the future. Using the information noted down in a workplace incident book, business owners can monitor how medical emergencies are dealt with and what improvements are needed, such as giving more staff members first aid training.

An incident book can also help when conducting health and safety risk assessments, giving vital information that can help businesses to identify trends and remove or reduce hazards that may lead to medical emergencies.

First Aid box

To ensure you are adhering to good practice with regards to first aid record-keeping, ensure your business has an incident book for illness and injury. Each entry into this book should include:
• The name and position of the ill or injured person
• The name and signature of the person dealing with the incident (i.e. the designated first aider)
• The date, time and place the incident occurred
• What happened during the incident, whether first aid was given and what happened afterwards (i.e. the person went to the hospital).

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