Food safety fears over Loyd Grossman curry sauces

The TV presenter Loyd Grossman’s line of curry sauces is facing a food safety probe after one jar was contaminated with a toxin which causes botulism.

After two people in Scotland fell ill after consuming one of Loyd Grossman’s curry sauces, there are fears that a further 47,000 jars may be affected. These have now been recalled by health officials, and an investigation has been launched into how the jars came to be contaminated.

As part of the investigation, conditions at the Bury St Edmonds factory where the sauces are produced will be examined, as will food safety training standards amongst staff members. However, there are also fears that the contamination may have occurred whilst the jar was being transported and then later stored.

Premier Foods, which makes Loyd Grossman sauces, released a statement saying:

“The safety of consumers is of paramount importance to us. At this stage, we understand that the incident relates to a single jar of korma sauce. There is no evidence of any broader contamination, no further reports of illness have been notified to the authorities and we have had no consumer complaints of illness related to this product.”