Information, training and supervision – the keys to a healthy and safe workplace

There are many things you must do as an employer to ensure that everyone who works for you is kept healthy, safe and protected from harm. One of the most important is to carry out a risk assessment. However, the steps that follow can be just as crucial.
After you’ve carried out your risk assessment, you must:
1. Inform and instruct
It is important to let your workforce know of the risks you found in your risk assessment, as well as what the business is doing to reduce or remove them. You must also give your employees all the information and instruction they need to do their jobs safely, avoiding hazards and using equipment properly.
2. Train
Basic health and safety in the workplace training is vital for all employees, contributing to a safer workplace environment overall. However, some staff members may need more advanced and specific health and safety training depending on the jobs they do.
3. Supervise
As well as giving your workers all the information, instruction and training they need to do their jobs safely, you must ensure that proper supervision is in place when needed. This is especially the case for employees doing more dangerous or hazardous tasks.