How to keep yourself safe at work – The Training Hub

People who work in hazardous workplaces or particularly risky jobs will need to take rigorous courses of health and safety training to keep themselves and their colleagues safe during working hours.

However, the way to prevent many accidents and injuries in less hazardous work environments, such as offices, for example, is to simply apply a healthy dose of common sense.

People in a warehouse

Employers have a responsibility towards their employees and the law requires them to send people on health and safety training courses, install all safety equipment and basically do everything they can to prevent accidents. However, your boss can only do so much, so you need to take responsibility for your safety at work. Follow these basic tips:

  • Wear all protective clothing and headgear you are required to wear.
  • If you need more training on a task that could be considered hazardous, ask for it.
  • Read all safety information situated around the workplace.
  • If you spot a hazard, avoid it and then report it immediately!
  • Pay attention to warning signs, even if it’s only a ‘wet floor’ sign.
  • Communicate any safety concerns you may have to your employer.
  • Refuse unsafe work until you have been properly trained.

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