The importance of recording accidents and injuries at work – The Training Hub

Every workplace should have at least one qualified and trained first aider, if not multiple people who have been on a workplace first aid course. However, workplaces should also have a system in place for recording and reporting accidents.

The accident book

In a workplace accident book, all details of any accidents and injuries should be recorded. This includes minor cuts and burns, trips and falls, serious cases of illness and serious accidents and injuries. Someone should be in charge of recording information in the accident book, and this person should be noted down:

• The date and time of the accident
• The name and job title of the affected person or persons
• What happened in as much detail as possible, including what first aid was given and what happened to the casualty afterwards (i.e. they were taken to hospital)
• The name and signature of the person in charge of the incident (i.e. the designated first aider)

Why is the accident book important?

There are a few reasons why an accident book is a workplace essential. The information in the book can help to identify risks and accident trends, which can help to prevent accidents in the future. The accident book can also help in cases where the injured person decides to pursue compensation, or when the company is being investigated for potentially breaching health and safety regulations.

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