What is an AED?

If you are embarking on first aid training for the first time, you are more than likely to come across something called an AED. You may even undertake AED training as part of your course. But what is AED and what part does it play in first aid?

An AED is an automated external defibrillator, a piece of equipment used to detect and treat a variety of potentially life-threatening heart conditions such as cardiac arrest. These conditions generally come on suddenly, and the affected person could be at work or in a public place like a school, office or train station when they fall ill. This is where AED machines come in, and could potentially save lives.

AEDs automatically diagnose life-threatening cardiac conditions and treat them through defibrillation, which is an electrical therapy designed to stop arrhythmia and help the heart’s rhythm get back to normal. As with CPR and other first aid techniques, there is no guarantee that the use of an AED will save someone’s life. However, it can make a huge difference, and can improve the chances of survival dramatically.

AEDs are designed to be simple to use. However, it can be really helpful to be taught how to confidently use one as part of first aid training, ensuring you know exactly what to do in an emergency without wasting a second.

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