What is confined spaces awareness training and why is it important?

People working on construction sites and on other construction projects often end up working in fairly hazardous conditions, and with potentially dangerous tools and equipment. This is partly why accident and injury rates within the construction industry are so high, but another reason is that not all construction workers undergo the right health and safety training for the tasks they carry out.
Confined spaces awareness is a type of training designed for construction workers who often, or even occasionally, have to work in a very tight, cramped and substantially closed environment.
These spaces can potentially be very dangerous, with lack of oxygen being a particular hazard. This is why you should undergo training to learn about the hazards in confined spaces and how to avoid them. The training also teaches you about what personal protective equipment and clothing you should be wearing, how to use breathing apparatus, how to carry out a proper risk assessment before starting work and how to enter and exit the space safely.
Most importantly, this environment-specific construction safety training teaches you what to do in an emergency, should the worst happen. This makes it very valuable indeed, and it could even save your life in a dangerous situation.