When do I need to renew my First Aid at Work certificate?

Taking a First Aid at Work training course is an excellent idea for anyone wanting to contribute to and improve health and safety at their workplace.
These first aid training courses are approved by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and cover everything from CPR and basic life support to how to cope with burns, bleeding and even heart attacks. After undergoing theoretical and practical training over three days, you should be equipped to cope with emergencies and potentially save lives in the workplace environment and beyond.

HSE First Aid at Work certificates generally last for three years before they expire, so you will need to arrange to renew yours after this time. You can do this via First Aid at Work refresher courses, which take two days rather than three to complete.

Refresher courses cover the same essentials as the original first aid training you underwent, but in less detail and at a quicker speed. This training is designed to help you brush up on your emergency first aid knowledge and skills, at the same time as renewing your certificate.

Once completed, these refresher courses renew your First Aid at Work certificate for another three years.